Club Trip 2005 Photo taken by Rick Bugbee

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Club Trip 2010

The event I look forward to every year. THE ANNUAL CLUB TRIP! On January 29th, 2010

Club Trip 2010

As usual we met at Mr. G’s at 7am for the start of the long anticipated 2010
Club trip. Some of the members got there early to have breakfast and talk
about the upcoming trip. By 7:15 all were accounted for and we were on our
way. About an hour into the journey we ran into very icy conditions on Rt.
91 just north of Wells River. This slowed us down a bit but we still made
decent progress. Not far onto Rt. 2 and we came to our first challenge, an
empty tractor-trailer could not make the hill just outside of Concord VT,
and with 7 rigs behind him and the road covered with packed ice we had
nowhere to go.

We waited a bit for “Divine Intervention” and decided to take matters in
our own hands. Donna walked to the top of the hill and kept a lookout for
oncoming traffic while we all made our way around the rig. Ok, were on our
way once again and the road is getting a bit better with some treatment from
the DOT. Next stop was gas in Lancaster, and then on to Nash Stream.

After about an hour of preparation we were on the trail and pleasantly
surprised at the conditions, flat and some loose snow. First Jct, Trio Ponds
brought some mechanical challenges but we were soon on our way with lots of
expertise to cover the problems. We continued north on Rt. 5 and then
onto Rt. 18 towards Errol. This is a trail that many of us are familiar
with and was in great shape. We arrived in Errol and filled our tanks before
heading into the local restaurant for a hearty lunch. After talking about
the day’s travels done so far we were off to more adventure. We got back to
heading south after a loop in and around Dixville Notch which included “the
peak”. A lost lighting system caused me to need to get back before dark.
So we were on our way back to Nash Stream and the parking area. After a
great 97 miles we made it back to Gorham in plenty of time for our 7 p.m.
reservation for dinner. As usual, the food was very good and the service
great. Some of us went on to the bar for some refreshment and the band.
Tomorrow’s another day, don’t miss it, it’s one for the books…

Saturday January 30th

Saturday morning we met at the restaurant at 8 a.m. for a good breakfast
and to discuss the day ahead. One step outside and you knew what the weather
was going to be like, cold!!! After spending an hour or so repairing shields
and adding a shield outlet to Brenda’s sled so I could use my heated shield
(thank you Brenda!) we were off to Nash stream once again. Once there we
lined up and headed out. At the Trio Ponds Jct. we headed east on Rt. 28
towards the Millsfield loop. The trails were in great shape and we were
making good time. Stops on the trail were few as it was warmer to ride than
to stop and chat. Traffic was very light for a Saturday in January; I guess
the cold weather and the lack of good trail reports kept people home. We
made our way to Happy Corner in Pittsburg for lunch and fuel at Youngs
Store. We were not in too much of a hurry as the temp. was hovering around 0
and possible a bit below.

We assembled outside of the restaurant and decided to head north towards
the Canadian border. We took Rt. 140 to the Jct. of Rt. 147 and stopped
there for about 15 min. to air some differences between 2 members. Cooler
heads prevailed and we were turned around by the cold weather and the lack
of time to do the bigger loop. Next stop took us to the Jct. of 5 and 140, 7
miles from the border. We took time to take some pics of the group in hope
of a good shot for the next year’s calendar. It was back in the saddle again
and heading south, possibly taking Rt. 20 to Rt. 5 and on to the parking

After about 25 miles the 4 last members became separated from the main
pack at an intersection. Someone in the group may have forgotten to look for
the rest of us! We (yes I was one of them) waited for a spell, or two, or
three. We decided to head south on Rt. 5 as this was surely the route taken
by the rest of the group, and I was familiar with the way back in case we
did not hook-up. We reached the Swift Diamond hut and waited for another
spell. With every ones input we decided to go to the next Jct. which I knew
was only 1⁄4 mile ahead. Low and behold, Rick Bug was waiting for us! We
then scooted over to the Colebrook Hut for some fuel and some last minute
discussion on our direction from there.

We were on our way once again and now it started getting interesting.
While going south on Rt. 5/18 we got off course and went over Dixville Peak.
This was a loop that cost us a lot of time and some extra miles. We’re all
for the miles but in this cold it was better off done at another time. After
coming to an intersection we had been to earlier Jim decided to knock on a
local’s door and beg him for food, just kidding! He asked him for some
direction and the possibility of getting warm in his camp. He was gracious
enough to let all 14 of us in to warm up and clear our frozen shields.

After formal introductions, the owner of the camp told us the next camp
over was owned by a guy from Claremont! I recall him saying his name was
Rick Wilson. He promptly called him up and told him he had 14 “lost
Claremonters” in his possession. Rick was skeptical and decided to come over
and see for himself. He got a good chuckle when he found that we were in
fact home boys!

After thanking him and getting some directions on the shortest route back
he reported that we were about 1 hour away. It was now 7 p.m. or so and we
were looking forward to getting back to the rigs and on to the hotel. We
were now back on the trail and we came to an intersection that led us astray
once again. What the heck are we doing on 7 south!!! Oh well, it will take
us back – just a bit longer. I was never so glad to be at the Jct. of Rt. 5
and 5a in the Nash Stream area. Ten miles or so and we’re back! We arrived
at the parking are at about 8:30 frozen and tired. All in all it was a great
170 miles in the beautiful North Woods.

We made it back to the hotel in time for dinner and some refreshment.
Looking back, if you ever get “all turned around” in the North Woods, and
had a choice of leaders to be with it would be Roger. Thanks Roger for a
great weekend!




Club Trip 2009
The event I look forward to every year. THE ANNUAL CLUB TRIP! On February 27th, 2009 members participating met at Mr. G's in Ascutney.


Jan. 2006 - Winter? Canadian Trip

Well it's like this, Jake, Dave and myself went all the way to St Georges Canada to find snow - nothing until about 40 miles from there. Thought we were in luck! Well we went out on Thurs. and found a RIVER in trail that was supposed to be a little creek, so we turned around. Back to hut for refreshments. Took different trail, crossed at least 6 water holes up to 12" deep, tried to make a loop when Dave hit a 5' snowdrift that sent him off trail a little. Jake pulled his ski to get him out when Dave had his foot fall through the ice into a foot or so of water. We got him out, turned around to make a shorter loop since cold foot. Next trail was closed, returned to hut for more refreshments, once again crossing same water holes. After a warm up, we headed back to motel, Jake got up and close with a deer in trail (pushed his ass right out of the way), no damage done, so on we go. Jake locks up brakes for another deer, lets Dave lead and he finds more deer to avoid. We finally made it back to motel in one piece. Since the water was that way, we decide a different route the next day. After a cocktail and a prime rib dinner to kill for, we hit the strip club. Well a visit on stage by the three of us, a lot of money and drinks later (more story in person) we called it a night. When we got to the motel, Jake and I went to the bar for nightcap and found a guy there that we had met earlier. He was headed about 250 miles further to Northeast . When we asked what the hell he was doing back he said you're not gonna believe this. They had made it about 100 miles when they found water, the first one headed out and when he rounded a corner the others saw it wasn't bad and began to follow. Well they didn't make out so well, all three went swimming and sank their sleds. The first made it the furthest with a new MachZ 1000and when he sank, it was about 5'deep. His buddies only 2-3 deep. It took the first one an hour to get out of the water because of ice and stuff under water. About 1/8 mile in and couldn't see other end. He lost 2 cell phones helmet and luggage for their trip. Once they got on dry land, emptied their boots they headed out walking. 5 miles or so and 2 hrs. later, they got cell service and had seen a trail master earlier so they had his business card. They called him, told him the story and he said he was on the way. Bad cell service and miscommunication led to an extended search but were found in an hour or so. He brought them to his house gave them dry clothes and shoes. A $100 cab ride back to where they had left from, they had survived (lucky to be alive). The next day we decided that 3 guys from Conn. had been lucky and we weren't gonna look like them. We came home safe and sound.   The only damage was a few scratches in the trailer from a mailbox and trash cans that got in the way in a blizzard on the way up. This was my first trip to Canada and my first ride of the season but the trails that were not under water were so nice that I will definitely go back.





Club trip 2005- What a week end!!


Well we went to Lancaster to the Cabot Inn for a week end of riding with the club. The ride to Lancaster was pretty bad. We must have used a whole gallon of windshield fluid to get there. We arrived there around 10:30 unloaded the sleds and went for a ride. Jake led a trail of 15 sleds with Roger taking up the back. We had to stop because one of the sleds (so he thought) was burning up but come to find out, he had left his parking brake on and it was smoking . The trails were just terrific what a great ride we had. We did about 95 miles. This was the first time Brenda and I have been up north. I couldn't believe how wide and smooth the trails were, so used to the trails around Claremont I was amazed !! I think speaking for every one that rode Friday, we all had a great time. One of the trails that we went on went up and seemed forever to climb up but once we got to the top it seemed like we were in another world. The snow covered the trees and Brenda and I thought that it looked like someone sprayed the snow on them even the branches and trunk were full of snow. Then we looked out and saw a wonderful view you could see forever. When the ride was over we loaded up the sleds and headed for hotel. Cabot Inn was a great place to stay had very nice rooms. too bad there wasn't enough snow to right from the Inn We went to supper and had a very nice meal with everyone. Then it was off to the pool and hot tub. Stopped in the lounge for a night cap then it was off to bed.

Saturday we all went to breakfast then we were off for the 10 mile ride to the trail parking lot. We all unloaded and it was off for another nice day of riding. (so we thought ). This time Roger led the pack of about 11 of us . Rick and 4 others went a different way they wanted to go on a longer faster ride but we met up with them twice once at a trail jct. and another on top of a mountain. We stopped and chatted with them for awhile and off again we went. This is where things got not so good . We started down the mountain and Brenda's sled slid sideways around a corner which was icy and flipped on it's side and threw her off the sled . I was behind her and saw the whole thing happen. At first I thought I would go over and help her back on the sled pick up the windshield and mirror that broke off and head down the trails again but how wrong I was. When I got over to her she said that when she fell she landed on her shoulder and it was hurting real bad. After checking to see if she was hurt anywhere else which she wasn't. looking at her shoulder something didn't look right we tried to help her up but the pain was too much.. Everyone was trying to think of a way to get her out. She was starting to get cold and we knew that we needed to do something before she got too cold so I asked her if she wanted to have a rescue squad come and she did . Roger went down to the warming hut to call for help. The others were there helping to shield her from the wind and directing snowmobile traffic. She started getting colder Collin and Jake found some hand warmers and a reflective blanket in their sleds we covered her with the blanket but none of the warmers worked . Then as we were waiting for the rescue team to come 2 paramedics from Keene showed up they heard about it on their radios and came to help. they had some warmers that worked. then someone came with a blanket and Roger said that it was going to take 25 minutes for the team to get there. The rescue team got there and packed her into the rescue sled and off to the hospital we go. x-rays showed a fractured collar bone. Brenda and I want to thank everyone that was there for help us. especially Roger for getting the rescue squad and Pierre and his brother for getting our sleds and truck to the hospital so we could get back to the hotel. They lost half a day of riding to help us and it was greatly appreciated. Everyone but Pierre and his brother finished out the day with 125 miles. Back at the hotel everyone asked how Brenda was We all had supper together and talked about the days events what a great time we had . Brenda and I turned in early figuring that we would go home in the morning but Roger said he was going out in the morning . Brenda said for me to go with them that she would hang around the hotel in the morning .(should have said I'll pass ) so Sunday comes we unload the sleds and head out . Trails start out smooth as glass then we hit the power lines a little bump here and there a dip or two now an then we get atop a hill and stop for a break . The wind must have been blowing 35 mph . Snow was flying in our faces felt like it was 20 below 0 . Well back on our sleds trails getting smoother a long straight yea wind it up to 80 see Roger ahead of me make a turn. brake!!! sled sliding side ways brake??? brake??? too fast here comes the corner. Too fast to make it found a clearing to go through but just as I am in the clear a tree jumps in front of me bang#@## crash###@@ . Luckily I slowed down enough not to hit the tree too hard and didn't get hurt . Bent my trailing arms a little bit and broke the reverse handle off. A good example of not knowing the trail you are riding on and excessive speed should of known better . Picked up the pieces and Roger and I rode back to trailers Rick and 2 others went on for a longer ride . Even with all the problems that Brenda and I had we had an excellent time and would do it again but with out the pain ouch!!!! If anyone will put up with us again.
Larry and Brenda St.Aubin


What a First Ride! 2005

 Recently we got some snow/rain mix, I was busy in the morning and my friends left for a ride without me. I called them on my cell to see where they were, they were headed to Grantham warming hut. I said I would head that way.
 I got about 3 miles and came to a tree across the trail. Another rider and his kid came along and we thought we would try to move it. I had a small trimming saw with me and started to cut, 3/4's done and my blade breaks. It is now 2.5 inches long. We wrestled a little and did finish the cut and move the tree. I proceeded to Cathole and when I got there, I called my friends again. They were in Grantham and had started heading back.
 So I said I would break trail on Markow's trail, Lee said "GOOD LUCK". So I headed off. I went about a mile or two of untracked power, had to go over a fallen tree, not a major, went another mile and came to a dead end from trees down. I turned around and when I got to the tree I had gone over, I realized the uphill side was only 6 inches by the way I was going it was at least 15 inches. Well I tried it, got one ski over and I was done. My ski had gone over, then I spun out all the snow under my track, rolled back and now had the back of my right ski under the tree. What the #$@# was my expression. I pushed, pulled, lifted, swore some more and then I finally figured out how to remove it from the tree. I grabbed the left side of my sled and rolled it over onto the side of the cowl. With it almost upside down I dragged it off the tree. Holy cow, that almost killed me wrestling a 600lb sled. So now what do I do still on the wrong side of the tree?
 I found what looked like a way around. So I went down the trail, turned around, and tried my new idea, well a rock in a snow drift later, I was tossed from my sled. I tried to pick it up but was too tired from the previous episode, so I got it off the mirror and windshield, turned around and braced my back against it and sat down to get my wind back. About five minutes later I had caught my breath and pulled my sled back to level ground. So I turned around again and tried a different angle, 1 rock, 2 small trees, some brush from the tree top, and a lot of throttle later I made it!
 I got to a traveled trail and took a break for a while, glad to be there. I met up with my friends and we went down Skyline Drive, well wouldn't you know it, the trail was missing. We could hardly see it through the trees, the snow had bent branches to the ground and froze them there. Wanting to get the trail open I bent my head down heading through. I counted trees and after that many bounced off my head I would look up to see which way to turn to go the route of least resistance. We made it with a little grumbling from some of the others (and it wasn't the women).
 I am the Trail Administrator for Shuagh Valley, probally worked on trails 12-15 Sundays, some Saturdays and week days trimming, building half a dozen bridges, and putting up hundreds of signs.  THIS WAS NOT MY IDEA OF A PLEASURABLE FIRST RIDE OF THE SEASON!